Our practice is specialized in treating musculoskeletal disorders, urological, gynecological and anorectal dysfunctions, lymphological problems. The quality of treatment is essential for our team and for this reason our treatments are mainly performed without the use of technical devices. Personally I have followed a very thorough training in Manual Therapy (Graduate Diploma of Manual Therapy) OMT. Since 2002 I also regularly participate in training and updates in the field of urology, gynecology and anorectal rehabilitation.

Our team consists of 4 qualified physiotherapists, each with excellent professional competence.

Fisioterapia Erni

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Fisioterapia Erni
Via Mordasini 7
CH-6500 Bellinzona

Tel +41 91 826 45 65
Fax +41 91 825 51 73

bus stop:
Bellinzona, alla Vignetta
Bellinzona, Officina FFS